Tattoo design concept sketch

artwork, collection, concept, design, detail, drawing, graphic, illustration, sketch, tattoo

Pencil and fineliner on paper, framed.



4 thoughts on “Tattoo design concept sketch

  1. It looks really cool and of course so in your style again. I do not know anything about tattoos but I do admire a beautiful one, some people cary them so well. But my question is: what makes a good tattoo design, what do you as an artist have to take into account? And does the tattoo artist work ‘by eye’ following your design or is it somehow transferred on the skin like say an embroidery pattern on linen? Love and peace, Johanna


    1. Always lovely to hear from you!
      I enjoy the concept stage of tattoo designs…just listening to the client and then turning words into drawing. The above sketch Woukd be tricky to be tattooed on just any body part as it is a rectangle, made to look like a playing card perhaps. You need to know the place where the tattoo is going because the shape of a good tattoo takes into consideration the organic form of your body and its movement. Also the skin quality & thickness must be known as this is important for line-spacing and thickness. Tattoos age with us, so a good design is placed so that stretching and wrinkling is considered. A tattoo artist would probably resize my design and add or leave away details and change according to what the client likes best. Drawing on paper is very different to inking a 3D living human! Xx

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  2. Thank you, Nadja, for taking the time to answer me. This is so fascinating. Having the human body as a canvas brings such other possibilities and limitations. It must be even more of great challenge ( in a positive way that is) to make a design on request. It would be great if you would have the chance to post sketch, finished design and than how the tattoo looks in the end. xo Johanna


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