Tattoo design concept sketch

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Pencil and fineliner on paper, framed.



Liebster Award nomination!

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My little blog of illustrated oddities had been nominated for the Liebster Award by the talented Golan Art at! Very chuffed and humbled! Big thank-you.
My nomination will be announced tomorrow!


Here are my answers to the 11 questions:

  • Where are you from? – I was born in Berlin, but left Germany when still a teenager. I then moved to Dublin, Ireland and ended up living in London, UK. Who knows what’s next?!
  • What did you study? – I studied Interior Design in Dublin and London, but am working as a personal chef.
  • What was your worst subject in school? – Maths, hands down.
  • What star sign are you? – I’m a Sagittarius…my birthday was recently.
  • What trait have your friends and significant others in common? – They are all kind people who wear their heart on their sleeves.
  • Tell us something funny about you. – I can over-bend my left elbow, which is a result of a fracture.
  • Does your blog reflect what you do for a living? – Yes and no. Or maybe not yet 🙂
  • Who inspired you most in what you blog about? – There is no particular person as my art derives from having synaesthesia…so perhaps a few musicians.
  • Have you ever regretted a blog post you created? -No….but then again, my blog is young.
  • What are you trying to achieve with your blog? – A smile on my readers’ faces and the insight that we all create our reality with our thoughts and emotions.
  • What does the future hold? – Create, create, create!