Double Mandala

colours, drawing, gril, illustration, mandala, pink, portrait

…incorporating an interesting hairdo!

On this lovely grey Sunday, I sat here with magnifying glasses like the memaw I am not and finally finished the A3 illustration!

Pencil, marker, metallic market and fineliner on paper.

Here’s the making-of and result!

  IMG_20150129_224143 IMG_20150131_152630 IMG_20150201_160249


Mad Bird….image and Making-of FILM!

acrylic, artwork, bird, canvas, design, detail, drawing, graphic, illustration

I don’t know if you fellow artists (this includes musicians and writers and the jolly rest) and illustrators agree….my work seems to grow like a living being as I move along with drawing. Ernest Hemingway said that “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” I totally agree and find this little quote suitable for all creative outpourings somehow.

Here’s an illustration I did today. I took some images of the making-of process and only now, when editing them together and making a little film (Oscar nomination is guaranteed), did I notice the growing and organic quality the process has. Judge for yourselves & leave some comments!



artwork, drawing, illustration

Drawing: Marker and Pencil

Size: 7 H x 9.4 W inch

Boudica pops up randomly in my life. She hides in my history books, creeps up on me in galleries and songs. So I decided to dedicate an illustration to the queen of the the Iceni tribe, who put torches to early Roman settlements to defend her people. The drawing is another composition of shapes and colours that reoccur daily in my mind. The portrait has been inspired by organic, feminine shapes and geometrically repetitive patterns, which I thought represent Boudica perfectly.