Nightmarish insect invades my sketchbook

3D, animals, artwork, collection, design, drawing, illustration, originals, tattoo

It does become alive at night, you know…



The Hand that Draws

artwork, concept, design, drawing, hand, illustration, tattoo

Here’s a little homage and thank-you to my right hand, that does all my illustrations and artworks! So….it’s basically my right hand drawing my right hand….that would be some meta moment!


Double Mandala

colours, drawing, gril, illustration, mandala, pink, portrait

…incorporating an interesting hairdo!

On this lovely grey Sunday, I sat here with magnifying glasses like the memaw I am not and finally finished the A3 illustration!

Pencil, marker, metallic market and fineliner on paper.

Here’s the making-of and result!

  IMG_20150129_224143 IMG_20150131_152630 IMG_20150201_160249