Come, all ye and shoppeth!

3D, art nouveau, brooch, buddha, enamel, figure, glass, jewellery, statue

The (virtual) doors of my Etsy shop have opened and there are some curious pieces filling the “shelves” already.

Here we have a little Tibetan Buddha head:


And here is the finished Victorian candle holder!


An Art Nouveau brooch:


And….well, that’s work in progress: Enamel on glass! Will be soon at the shop.


Visit here:


Octopus in the Woods

acrylic, art nouveau, artwork, canvas, octopus, painting

Here is the most “what was I thinking” painting that I have produced so far: A poor octopus, lost in the birch woods, observed by judgemental faces and a blue tired lady. The acrylic 122 x 91cm painting is for sale now at Etsy and can be shipped to UK only.

Octo 1

Octo2 20140424_225435 20140424_225443 (1) 20140424_225452

Dance To This

acrylic, artwork, painting

Painting: Acrylic

Size: 7.9 H x 11.8 W x 0.1 inch

Like most of my geometric paintings, this one lives from asymmetrical symmetry and fine irregularities as well as stark contrast of shade and colour. It very much represents how rather rhythmic music of natural instruments sounds to me -the slight imperfections in tone make it perfect. This is an expression of visible sound thanks to bouts of synaesthesia.IMG_2740